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Fire Features

Add Fire Features for Warmth, Light & Ambiance

Create a Natural Gathering Spot

There’s nothing like the light and warmth of a fire in the evening. Which is why including an attractive fire feature in your landscape will extend the enjoyment of your yard for you and your guests. Because people are drawn to fire, your fire features can create natural gathering spots for socializing, entertaining and relaxing. Fire features can also do double-duty as attractive focal points.

Many Types of Fire Features are Available

As licensed general contractors, Gold Coast Pool & Spa can design and build any type of fire feature you want…as well as the rest of the landscape that goes around it. Your options include:

  • Fire Pits – A very popular choice, fire pits – surrounded by either permanent or movable furniture – are great for entertaining friends and family.
  • Fire Tables – Imagine having a relaxing dinner on your patio with friends, and being able to turn on a natural gas fire that’s right into the center of your table! Your custom fire table can even be automatically lit using the same system that controls your new pool.
  • Fire Bowls – Placed throughout the landscape, fire bowls are an eye-catching way to provide illumination and heat. Fire bowls can be incorporated into rock features, placed on stone columns, built into structures, and more.
  • Outdoor Fireplaces – Outdoor fireplaces are all about ambiance. You and your guests can enjoy the feeling of sitting around a roaring fireplace, without experiencing the intense heat that traditional fireplaces create.
  • Combination Water & Fire Features – Create a phenomenal aesthetic by combining a water feature with a fire feature. For example, picture a waterfall cascading out of rocks into your pool. Then add flames coming out of those rocks for a real “wow” feature.