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Install Solar Power

Use a Two-Pronged Approach for Heating Your Pool

For those who wish to heat their swimming pool, Gold Coast Pool & Spa recommends installing both an electric heat pump (which can keep the water heated to up to 30 degrees above the temperature of the outdoor air) and an energy-efficient natural gas heater (to bridge the difference on cold days). To slash your energy usage, we can install solar panels on your roof that will power the heat pump.

Power Your Home and Your Pool

Rather than just installing enough solar panels to run your electric pool equipment, a better option is to install solar for your entire home and then tie your pool into it. With Gold Coast you get:

  • A Solar Power System that Meets Your Needs – Gold Coast will complete a detailed energy analysis to determine how much electricity you require to meet your existing needs plus any additional power demands that you are currently considering (such as heating your new pool). Your solar system is then designed to produce enough electricity for all of this.
  • A Solar Power System that Fits Your Budget – We work with a wide variety of manufacturers to ensure a good option is available to fit your energy and budget needs.
  • Ownership of Your Solar Panels – Once it is installed you’ll own your solar panel system. This is not one of those shady-sounding “solar panel leasing” deals that you may have heard about.