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Where Your Questions Get Answered

Q. Who do I call?

A. Gold Coast Pool and Spa: 949-574-9177 or 949-283-8686.

Q. Do I have to pay for my initial appointment?

A. No, your initial in-home consultation is free.

Q. Can Gold Coast Pools provide everything I need?

A. Yes! We’re not just swimming pool contractors. Gold Coast Pools can design and build your entire outdoor environment. We offer a complete turnkey service, including design and construction of custom pools, remodeled pools, spas, patio covers, fire features, outdoor barbeque kitchens, water features, lighting, irrigation, drains, softscape, free-standing structures of all types, decking, artificial sod, custom concrete, patio covers, outdoor sound, outdoor heating and more.

Q. How much should my project cost?

A. This is always hard to answer and depends on a number of factors. The general rule is that your project should cost 15 to 20 percent of the home value, and in some cases higher for extreme designs.

Q. Do you charge for your design work?

A. Yes. A thorough design process is critically important for turning your visions and desires into reality. We are known for our ability to design unique and exciting outdoor environments. The flat fee that we charge for our design work includes as many rounds of revisions as necessary to make you happy.

Once you approve the design you will own it, and will be able to use it to get additional construction bids if you so desire. If you choose to hire Gold Coast Pool & Spa for the construction phase of the project, you’ll receive a credit for this design fee.

Q. How long does the design take?

A. The initial concept takes a few weeks. Allow an addition 1 to 2 weeks for us to finalize the plans.

Q. When does Gold Coast Pool and Spa start the job?

A. We like to start the job as soon as possible, subject to permit approvals, homeowner’s association approval letters, plan approvals by the city or county, and a soil report if necessary.

Q. How long does it take to complete the job?

A. The construction period for most jobs is between 90 and 120 days depending on a number of factors, including project complexity, weather, time of year and approval of permits. We offer a Monday through Saturday work schedule, work until dark, and are there on site every work day until the job is completed (weather and HOA rules permitting).

Q. Can I finance my job?

A. Yes, we can assist you in obtaining financing to make your dream come true.

Q. How does Gold Coast Pool and Spa get paid?

A. Your contract will include a precise payment schedule based on performance and completion of specific project milestones.

Q. Why are all of your new pools saltwater pools?

A. Saltwater pools are filled with water that is natural to swim in. It’s a soft water with no man-made chemicals or additives. This means it’s much healthier, it’s gentle on your skin and eyes, and it won’t discolor your bathing suit or turn blond hair green. Plus, saltwater generators create a natural chlorine that eliminates problems with bacterial growth and algae.

Q. If I install artificial sod, what do I do about pet waste?

A. Pet waste residue can be washed right off of artificial sod using a garden hose.

Q. If I switch to solar energy, what happens on cloudy days?

A. Even after your new solar panels are installed, your home will still be on the electric grid. If there are times when your solar energy system does not produce enough electricity for your needs, you’ll be able to receive electricity from your local power company instead.